Top 6 Predictions for HR in 2021

Each year, Allgo conducts an in-depth survey of HR Leaders and Senior HR Managers to get an insight into HR challenges, priorities and trends in the year ahead.

249 HR Professionals completed the survey this year, and with all the changes in the last 12 months,  there were some interesting insights gained. Here are the main predictions of HR Professionals for 2021.

1. Remote Working / Hybrid Working
The standout prediction for 2021 is for Remote Working and Hybrid Working. Almost half of all HR Professionals are expecting these new forms of working to become a permanent fixture in the workplace in 2021.

Within the whole area of Remote Working, the expectation is that the pandemic will accelerate the trend towards Flexible Working (which was the main prediction in last year’s, pre-pandemic survey).

In implementing permanent Remote Working, there are questions being posed for companies in relation to developing homeworking policies, the right to disconnect, and performance management.

2. Employee Retention
HR Professionals have concerns about Employee Retention in a world where employees don’t even need to leave their home to change jobs! And how will organisations maintain their unique Company Culture without everyone being physically together?

3. Employee Wellbeing
HR Professionals are also naturally focusing on Employee Health and Wellbeing – both in the workplace and in remote settings. And in particular, employee Mental Health is a concern in this area.

4. Online Tools
As systems move online to facilitate the new working world brought on by the pandemic, HR Professionals are searching for online tools to help with tasks such as Learning & Development, Recruitment and Online Interviewing.

5. Positive Outlook
The good news is that almost no HR Professionals in our survey are predicting redundancies or restructurings in their companies. So the expectation is that the economy will emerge relatively unscathed from the current crisis – it’s just a question of when.

6. Changes in Priorities
Some areas that were predicted to be hot trends pre-pandemic – eg Diversity & Inclusion, Data Analytics, Employee Recognition – are now further down the priority list than a year ago.

Overall, the workplace has changed for good, and HR will be mainly focused this year on the practicalities of making it work.

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